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Congratulations to MWG members Romeo Bastone Couture and Icon Photography on their publication in Strictly Weddings this week. 
Josephine made the bespoke wedding dress for Raiza and Suraj’s fairytale wedding. 
You can see more of Con from Icon Photography’s images on Strictly Weddings and on Social Media under the hashtag #melbourneweddinggroup

Congratulations to Raiza and Suraj on your beautiful wedding and to our amazing MWG members Josephine and Con for your breathtaking work.

Written by: Daniel Toop

LATEST TRENDS : Wedding Catering

Moreish Catering

AJ Collins interview with Elle Cicchelli from MoreISH Catering

Finger Food / Bowl Dishes

While formal sit down meals will always be a staple of wedding receptions, modern brides and grooms are often opting for the finest menus in finger food and bowl dishes. Elle Cicchelli from MoreISH Catering tells us this trend is becoming increasingly popular for newlyweds as it allows guests to regain their freedom and socialise.

The flexibility of gourmet finger food for weddings also allows for a greater variety of tasty treats, while mouth-watering bowl food options give wedding guests the feeling of enjoying a substantial meal without the need to be tied down to an allocated seat.

Elle suggests that a combination of both finger food and bowl food is the perfect compromise between a cocktail and sit down style wedding, ensuring guests still experience amazing food and full bellies.

Sharing Platters

If you do opt for a sit down meal, sharing platters are the perfect way to create a lovely, caring atmosphere. The act of sharing itself stimulates excitement and promotes conversation between wedding guests as they are treated to a magnificent array of food. Platters are also an easy way to take away the worry of catering for fussy eaters as guests simply help themselves to the delicious variety of options available.

Elle’s Three Top Tips for Brides:

  • Make sure you connect and feel at ease dealing with the caterer you choose. They should be someone you feel comfortable to discuss your ideas and thoughts with.
  • Read testimonials to get an idea of others people’s experiences.
  • Get in quick. Good caterers get booked well in advance.

About MoreISH Catering

Established over 11 years ago, MoreISH Catering have built a reputation as a market leader and are proud to have won the best wedding Independent Caterer in Victoria at the ABIA awards 2015 (Australian Bridal Industry Awards).

All Moreish Catering food is made in their commercial kitchen from fresh ingredients, right down to the mini tartlets the canapes are served in — Elle refuses to buy in pre-made food. “All the ingredients we use have names and not numbers.” This enables Elle to create menus which excite and tantalise. “Guests with dietary needs are also looked after as we know every ingredient that goes into our food.”

Elle loves constantly creating exciting menus with a modern edge. “So much love and soul goes into our preparation and to see guests enjoying our food and talking about it with excitement as they eat, gives us much pleasure and energy.”

Elle believes a great wedding is one where family and friends are touched by an air of love and are greeted with genuine hospitality and magnificent food.

Booking details:

Elle Cicchelli

MoreISH Catering

(041) 251-1463



Written by AJ Collins – Freelance Writer & Editor

Passion before the planning

Somewhere in a cosy house in Melbourne, sits a gentle, creative soul who has found her perfect niche: Little Sister Invitations. Surrounded by the paraphernalia of wedding stationery: pearlescent, rustic and coloured cardstock, diamantes, ribbons and lace in every colour of the rainbow, Megan has found happiness in running her own successful wedding stationery business.

Megan’s business was always there in infancy as she worked for years, after hours, building her skills and brand. A lot of sleepless nights went into her decision to take a leap of faith so many of us consider: leaving full-time employment. It’s was a huge risk, but Megan had an ace up her sleeve: ten years’ experience working in graphic design and printing. It was the pressure of working full time and planning her own wedding that tipped Megan over the edge into living her dream. And it’s paid off.

‘I’ve always loved stationery,’ says Megan. While some youngsters would walk into a lolly or cake shop all googly-eyed, Megan would walk into stationery shops and go weak at the knees. ‘I loved looking at all the coloured, shiny papers, pens and stationery.’ Megan’s hands wave expressively as she thrills about how she now gets paid to print and create beautiful stationery with her very own stock of pretty things, all day long (without putting on a single kilo from her purchases).

Little Sister Invitations 1

The Little Sister name

‘People query me about my business name,’ says Megan. ‘It originated from a brain-storming session with my older brother. We made a list from everything that came to mind. Later that night, when I went to bed, my brother kept going and left me a few more names: “Smelly Sister, “Annoying Sister”, “Big Sister” and then “Little Sister” stuck with me.’ According to Megan a lot of brides identify with it. Who doesn’t love a little sister?

Now many a bride sits fascinated while Megan weaves her magic, putting together a piece of this with a sliver of that, matching fabric with card, bling with lace, and printing in unique styles. Of course Megan has a large range of ready-made designs for brides to browse through, but for that bride who wants her own, individual design, Megan is happy to meet in person and guide or inspire you. ‘At the moment I meet new clients at a coffee shop, where I bring all my samples. Eventually, I’m planning on building a studio at the front of my house.’

Little Sister Invitations 2a

Little Sister Invitations 2b

What’s so special about Little Sister invitations?

White Ink Printing. Never heard of it? That’s because this gorgeous printing technique is brand new on the market and Megan has invested in the process already. If you’ve ever tried to print in white (you may laugh but trust me, many have) you’ll know that it’s just not possible unless you back-fill the entire page with colour. Even then the printing isn’t clear and you’ve wasted enormous amounts of ink.

Previous to this new technology, screen printing was the only way to print white, and the process was labour intensive and therefore costly. Now there’s a new alternative and it’s incredibly popular among brides for wedding invitations.

‘I was really excited about it,’ says Megan. ‘The night I decided to buy a white printer, I was awake until 3am with my mind on fire. I thought OMG! I can do this, I can do that!’ She already had five designs built in her head. After investing many hours on research and due diligence, Megan is now set up and operating this cutting edge technology with many happy brides and grooms under her belt.

Little Sister Invitations 3a

 Little Sister Invitations 3b

Little Sister products

Little Sister Invitations has the same range of stationery that most wedding stationery suppliers have: reception stationery, menus, place cards, tags for bomboniere, orders of service, save the date cards, rsvp cards. Stretching into other events. The advantage Megan has over other wedding suppliers is her solid background in graphics, print knowledge and designs. ‘Some may look great on screen but the printing comes out different. It takes knowledge about typeface, font line endings, what works on the page and what doesn’t,’ says Megan. You only have to look at the variation in her designs to know that she’s got this nailed. Latest trends, traditional styles or some complete original and avant-garde, Megan does it.

Little Sister Invitations 4

The Magic behind the mind

It’s good thing Megan has such a big heart and a big imagination to keep coming up with new designs. Running an artistic business can be a little risky, as often clients aren’t exactly sure what they want and Megan has to start with a blank canvas. ‘I’m always tweaking the look of my designs, trying new combinations of paper, glitter, patterns, waiting for inspiration to strike.’ That’s when the magic happens though. ‘One of my clients from the U.K. wanted something modern for a small wedding but had no idea what she wanted.’ Megan set to work dreaming up something new that might match her client’s personality. The response was “OMG that’s amazing! Let’s do it.” ‘Times like those are what I love about my job,’ says Megan. ‘She went from not knowing what she wanted to being so happy.’ It’s this kind of nights-awake-dreaming that keeps the artist within Megan producing the kind of magic she lives for.

Little Sister Invitations 5a

Little Sister Invitations 5b


How to order your invites

Megan makes it easy for brides to choose their stationery by labelling each range the name of a bride (some real, some fictitious). This makes it easy recall the design when new clients mention them. ‘So instead of them saying “the polka-dot one or the rustic one with lace” they can just name the design.’ It makes sense to have a process Brides can identify with, and that simplifies their choices. Once the invites have been chosen, a sample is constructed for approval and then Megan goes ahead and prints the order.

When to order your invites

Megan’s turnaround time is generally 4 – 6 weeks, which allows time for proofs to be approved, any minor changes a bride might desire, sending them off for professional printing, and the time for them to be assembled.

When to send your invites:

If your wedding is on a weekend, 3 months prior to your wedding.

If your wedding is on a week day, allow more time for people to arrange time off work.

Save the Date Cards

Should be sent around 12 months (or earlier) prior to wedding for international guests, to allow for travel arrangements

Should be sent 6 months in advance of wedding for local guests

RSVP Cards

Ask guests to return their RSVPs within a month of your wedding so you have time to chase up any missing responses.

Little Sister Invitations 6

BEHIND THE SCENES: Quirky Photo Booths

Written by AJ Collins – Freelance Writer, Editor, Author

Quirky Photo Booths

If you’ve been to a wedding in the last twelve months there’s a good chance you’ve come across a photobooth. It will usually be tucked into a corner with a queue of excited, chattering guests picking out colourful props to wear: sparkly hats, ridiculously oversized glasses, bright feather boas. If you were one of these guests you’ll no doubt have a tell-tale photo strip stuck on the front of your fridge. And if the quality of that photo strip is bright, clear and colourful, it’s quite possible it was from a Quirky Photobooth, owned by young Melbourne couple Mary and Aaron Smith.

Today we’re having a chat with Mary and Aaron to find out all about their love of this latest wedding craze which has possibly been inspired by a worldwide cultural obsession with selfies, snapchat, instagram and all things photo-y, thanks to social media.

It all started New Year’s Eve in America

Mary and Aaron came up with the business idea while attending a best friend’s wedding in the United states. It was the first time they had seen a photobooth used at an event and it was a big hit with the guests. The concept planted a seed in their minds and subsequently they conducted three months of research to find the best possible technology and develop a business plan. Along the way they realised there was very little offered in the way of high quality photobooths in Australia. Since then, the market has grown but unfortunately so has the availability of backyard-built poor quality booths.






Mary and Aaron started out with one classic-style photobooth (now upgraded with improved camera technology). They have since expanded their business and now own multiple booths and have taken on trained staff to assist at weddings. ‘We still own one of the classic-style booths,’ says Aaron. ‘The box one that provides intimate moments, for 2 – 4 people,’ but we also have the more popular, open-style booths where large groups can gather in front of styled backdrops.’


Background styling has become a popular option


Quirky Photobooths have aligned themselves with some great Melbourne Wedding Group suppliers, like One Day Your Way to add styling options to their photobooth packages. Gorgeous backdrop walls covered in flowers or decor to match your colour-themed wedding add a lovely aesthetic. ‘Alternatively, you can have the area curtained off for privacy and less distraction.’





And the costumes! What is it about costumes that make adults turn into giggling kiddies? Maybe it’s about reliving childhood dreams of escapism through pretension. Or maybe it’s just the sheer joy of being silly among friends and family. Whatever the psychology behind the phenomenon, moustaches on sticks, Mickey Mouse ears and princess tiaras are great tools for bringing people together and giving strangers a talking point.


Mementos after a crazy busy day


After the fun is over, a lot of brides and grooms suddenly realise how much of their time was taken up with formalities and looking after guests, and how they’ve missed out on some of the more intimate, memorable moments. Now they can have a virtual catch up with guests via the free video messaging service that Quirky Photobooths provide. Plus a photo strip album which each guests signs, a USB collection of photos/videos and an on-line album with access to every photo taken on the night. Guests are also able to download or tag themselves in the on-line album via Facebook. “All these services come complimentary with a Quirky Photobooth,’ says Mary.


Ultimately it’s the people behind the business that contribute to how much your guests enjoy the photobooth. Mary or Aaron are committed to attending on the day to set up and install the booth themselves. They ensure the camera and processing unit is working properly, and liaise with venue management, prior to, and on the day. ‘We also make sure that either one of us, or a trained staff member, is there to man the booth and compile your photostrip guestbook album,’ says Mary.




‘We enjoy engaging with guests and making them feel welcome. It’s a great way to get client feedback — see first-hand what’s working and what’s not.’ Aaron agrees. ‘Yes, and getting kids involved is a good way to keep the young ones occupied,’ says Aaron. ‘We send them off and they return time and time again with new guests to take a photo and sign the guest book album.


Two is more fun


If it’s a busy wedding, there will always be a second attendant to look after the props and albums while the other attendant helps with the booth itself. The booths are fairly simple to operate but sometimes older guests might get a little puzzled — and let’s face it, with lots of distracting chatter and a drinks flowing free, anyone can flounder with simplest technology. ‘Interacting with the guests and looking after the costume pieces keeps us entertained all night too,’ adds Mary.





So what makes Quirky Photobooths stand out from all the other suppliers out there? ‘Personalisation and quality,’ says Mary. ‘In addition to high resolution images, we provide personalised logos on the bottom of each strip which can be designed to tie-in with your wedding stationery or theme.’ She says they often work with Melbourne Wedding Group members Chocolate Works and Regnier Cakes in this capacity. ‘We also have a range of stand-up or magnetic photo frames, which can be used as bonbonierre or place settings, that guests can insert their photo strips into as a keepsake. There’s plenty of other options to choose from too.’


The good, the bad and the ugly


It’s not all work for Mary and Aaron though. There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had from the whimsical and crazy behavior of guests when they find themselves in front of a camera. ‘There’s plenty of ‘bad’ photos,’ says Aaron. ‘Groomsmen playing up, grandparents kissing each other, guests regressing from sober to drunk.’ Mary laughs. ‘There’s been plenty of people asking us to destroy the original of their photos. “I can’t let my boss see it” is a typical phrase.’


The future for this recently married young couple looks bright with their plans to expand their business even further. ‘It’s the perfect job to run from home,’ says Mary, mentioning that she and Aaron are planning on starting a family soon, so it suits them down the ground. And it seems the photobooth concept is here to stay for a quite a few years to come. ‘It won’t die out,’ says Aaron. ‘It’s too much fun and the technology is only growing. So is the social media aspect.’ And it’s not just weddings: photobooths are also popular at fundraisers, birthdays and corporate events.


With Mary and Aaron’s commitment to maintain their high service standards, equipment and props, Quirky Photobooths is always going to be forerunner in the photobooth arena. Like a lot of Melbourne Wedding Group suppliers, Quirky Photobooths is another family-run business, where attention to detail and client satisfaction is a top priority.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Magical Makeovers

Written by AJ Collins – Freelance Writer, Editor, Author

Today we’re talking with Kerrie Gargano, owner of Magical Makeovers and discussing why it’s so important for brides and their hair and makeup artist to feel supported.


Who knew 20 years ago, joining Magical Makeovers as a wedding makeup artist, bright, bubbly and vivacious Kerrie Gargano would one day take over the reins of this mobile beauty empire? Fast forward to 2010 and this mother of two, couldn’t believe her luck when the owner of Magical Makeovers decided to retire and offered Kerrie the opportunity to buy the business. ‘It came at the perfect time. I was ready to take on a new challenge, and I couldn’t believe it when Rhonda offered me the business.’

Breathing new life into a previously successful business

Stepping into Rhonda’s shoes might have been seen as a huge challenge but for Kerrie, who already had 27 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, it was an opportunity too good to miss. She took up the crown and ran with it, updating internal systems, refining her team of artists and researching current industry trends, bringing Magical Makeovers into a new era.

Magical Makeovers has now established itself as a top tier company in mobile hair and makeup but if you’re a budget bride looking to save every penny, it’s probably not for you — in an industry where the saying “you get what you pay for” truly applies, Magical Makeovers is cut above the average mobile beauty company. ‘It’s what we do every weekend of the year,’ says Kerrie. ‘Paying less for your hair and makeup means less experience and I certainly wouldn’t employ those artists.

Kerrie Gargano is not just a voice on the phone.

If you look a little deeper into Kerrie’s philosophies, you’ll see that her core values and knowledge are what brides are attracted to. When a bride speaks to Kerrie on the phone, she won’t just get a quick quote and be brushed off; she’ll get a patient woman, like a big sister, giving warm and helpful advice on what to expect: information on what’s trending in hairstyles, scheduling of timings so the bride and her bridesmaids’ hair and makeup are ready for the photographer and transportation, plus a personality-matched allocation of the most suitable artist, depending on the bride’s unique vision — all the little things brides may not have thought of but which are an essential part of the process.

‘Because we’re that little bit dearer than a backyard operator, brides often look at us and think we must be better. That may be true but we’re not into building up unrealistic expectations. We can’t turn them into something that no-one else can — if you only have three hairs on your head there’s nothing we can do except give it a plait.’ Humour aside, you get the picture. ‘I’ll often get girls calling saying “my hair won’t curl”. I get them to run their thumb and forefinger over the hair, like you’re curling a ribbon. If it springs up then your hair can curl, if it just looks a little wavy, it’s not going to curl but we can suggest alternatives like hair extension pieces to give you that volume, that size, that curl.’

Finding the right artist for the right bride



I ask Kerrie what makes the perfect Magical Makeovers mobile makeup artist or hairdresser. She says, ‘My girls are like family. They all have proven years of experience in the wedding industry. No one is under thirty.’ Why the age agenda? Apart from needing the necessary skills, she explains: ‘They need to be a confident person but know when to be restrained and supportive around a stressed or sensitive bride, as they’re often required to provide strength for that bride. A grounded personality helps.’

Maturity is essential. ‘It’s during the preparation time that a bride can become unhinged, it can upset her for the entire day if you get her on an uneven keel. If you have the wrong personality, or wrong temperament or attitude, it may unsettle them. You need to understand how important the day is to the bride — if you’ve been married before yourself, or been part of a wedding, you’ll know how significant it can be.’

Kerrie relates the story of one young artist wanting to work for Magical Makeovers, who didn’t even bother turning up for her interview, only to call the next day to reschedule. ‘No way!’ says Kerrie. ‘If she can’t even keep a diary date, call, or turn up to an interview, how can I trust her to turn up on a bride’s wedding day? It’s the most fundamental of things. I don’t care how good her work is, a diary date for a bride is absolutely crucial. You can’t have double bookings, you can’t turn up an hour late — can’t have “oops I forgot”. It’s their wedding day and you only have one chance. It can ruin someone’s day, so I won’t take any chances.’

Kerrie gives her girls twenty pages of guidelines to follow. ‘It’s mainly commonsense, but I want them to know my expectations. I keep in touch through a private Facebook group — I can see they’ve read the post. They’re always on Facebook so it’s a good way for the girls to not only to get information from me, but to share information with each other — about product comparisons, where to buy hair buns, false eyelashes or extensions, good quality lipsticks, or maybe there’s sale on right now down the road.’

Support and understanding is essential for both the brides and Kerrie’s girls

Magical Makeovers-3

‘My girls are a very tight group and Facebook gives them a place to vent. If someone’s had a bad situation they might share (not necessary one of our jobs — it could be a personal one) and they just need someone to console them. Everyone comes forward to support that girl, build her confidence and let her know not to let someone tear her down. There’s just too much of that these days.’

She elaborates: ‘I had one recently – a bride complained the day after the wedding that her hair completely fell and went dead straight. She said it ruined her wedding.’ Kerrie says the hairdresser concerned was probably the most experienced girl on her team so she asked for more information, some proof. ‘Surely there would have been lots of photos taken?’

The bride never contacted her again so Kerrie proceeded to investigate for herself and was able to view the professional photos showing the bride’s hair was perfect all evening. ‘It’s very disheartening to us as we endeavor to give the bride the best service possible and when they attack us unreasonably it hurts.’ Luckily though, with 1000 weddings a year these brides are few and far between.

The good part of this story is that every single Magical Makeover hairdresser and makeup artist wrote something lovely to support the hairdresser concerned to elevate her spirits.

To finish on a high note, Kerrie has proven time and time again that she’s more than capable of achieving her dream of keeping her mobile hair and makeup business a cut above her competition. To date, Magical Makeovers has won 17 ABIA awards and Kerrie’s latest achievement was winning the 2014 WEOA people’s choice with a massive total of 5,100 votes, a thousand more than any other wedding supplier. This Magical Makeover ‘family’ is in good hands and it only gets better from here.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Enrik Limousines

Written by AJ Collins – Freelance Writer, Editor, Author

I can tell instantly that Peter Georgio, Managing Director of Enrik Limousines, is a people person who loves his job; his voice has a smile in it as he warmly greets me and offers a tour of his premises.

 Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

The spacious, yet spartan, warehouse has a latent energy about it and I can’t help but be impressed by the view: lined up like a pride of sleek panthers waiting to be unleashed on the roads, is a fleet of eight luxury stretch wedding hire cars — black Chryslers and white Chryslers, plus one beastly-looking Silver Nitro Dodge. It’s now I find out why Peter is smiling so much today — he’s about to take delivery of a new baby: a black six-seater Chrysler Limousine which will be the only new model of its kind in Australia.


The new model is perfect for difficult access roads in the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley reception venues


This addition will complement Enrik Limousines fleet by providing diversity for brides and grooms who want to hire matching Chrysler wedding cars. They now have a choice of Chrysler sedans, a Chrysler six-seater (perfect for those difficult access roads up in the Dandenong Ranges reception venues and Yarra Valley wineries), Chrysler ten-seaters and the Dodge twelve-seater. His family of Chrysler Limousine hire cars is now complete. For now.


Champers and lollies for a much welcome afternoon pick-me-up between your Ceremony and Reception


Peter shows me inside one of the immaculate stretches – the interior design of these wedding hire cars is just as sleek as the outside, with clean lines, soft leather bench seats (all with seat-belts), built-in funky retro lighting and sound system, and yes (dare I say it) karaoke! (OK, I was tempted but …). Sparkly champagne flutes are suspended along the console, accompanied by an ice bucket ready to hold the complimentary champers, water or soft drinks offered with every booking. And there are lollies! — perfect for that late-afternoon energy boost between ceremony and reception. I ask if anyone ever rides shot-gun with the wedding chauffeur. Peter says only if there’s an extra guest that needs to be squeezed in, otherwise it’s a good option for clients who might suffer from car-sickness.


I notice a wire hanging from the warehouse ceiling and ask if that’s where the drivers hang themselves if they’ve damaged a luxury vehicle. When he’s finished laughing, Peter tells me it’s a rare occurrence (damage, not hangings). Mostly it will be the odd bump or scratch outside, but never inside, as Enrik Limousines doesn’t handle late night party pickups – only bridal party transfers, bride and groom transfers to hotels, and early runs for School formals, Hens nights and Bucks nights. This ensures that the Chrysler limousines are always in perfect condition every time they go out.


Spoil yourself with immaculate interiors and complimentary extras thrown in with every limousine


He pops the boot and proudly shows me that every hire limousine also carries a red carpet, several large umbrellas for wet weather days, and shawls to keep bridesmaids warm during chilly post-ceremony photos shoots. Oh and don’t forget the spare garter in case the bride has forgotten hers, the sewing kit and first aid kit. But the piece de resistance — something unique to Enrik Limousines — is a special tyre cover which is fitted to the wheel to protect the bride’s dress every time she enters or exits the limousine. All these extras are complimentary. Talk about being spoilt!


We change locations to one of Peter’s favourite cafes and while we wait for our coffee, I’m a little worried we’re going to move onto “what’s under the bonnet”. Peter reassures me I needn’t have worried; it turns out he’s not mechanically minded himself, he’s more customer focused. (Phew!)


Exceptional customer service with the best chauffeurs in the business.


So I ask him about his success in the wedding industry, which has been substantial. (Enrik won the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Australian Bridal Industry Victorian award for Best Limousine Hire Company, and more recently, the 2015 National award.) Peter is modest about his success and credits it mainly to his drivers. ‘I actually believe our chauffeurs are what make the difference. They are the best in the business. They are great drivers and have exceptional customer service skills.’ (For the record, all Enrik drivers are required to have a Special Vehicles licence, a police check, and a medical. And the hire cars themselves receive a roadworthy every year.)


I get the feeling Peter treats his staff like family. And speaking of family I wonder what impact his dedication to the business has had on his home life. Peter ponders the question. ‘Either my family have got used to it, or I’ve got better at it.’ He pauses, ‘No, I’ve attended more recent ones (family events) than I did in the early days.’ He laughs when I ask about work/family balance. ‘I probably haven’t found it, but I’ve found more of it. It was probably really bad, but now it’s just bad, so my wife thinks it’s good.’


But it’s obvious there’s a bigger story to his business success. From the humble beginnings of buying his first Stretch Chrysler while he was still working full-time in sales, Peter has grown his business into a thriving Melbourne wedding car hire business. Gradually expanding his fleet, Peter and his business partner grew the business steadily until their rented premises became too cramped. Two years ago they moved to the current warehouse. ‘We wanted to buy something ourselves.’


Staying at the forefront of what brides and grooms want


Peter reflects that his success in the wedding car hire business has also been attributed to a philosophy of not being afraid to try new things; rising above the crowd and ensuring the company has a point of difference. He’s always striving to improve, finding new ways of expanding and developing ideas. ‘Whether we’re the best or not isn’t really important to me, it’s more that I know we’re doing our best. And I know that we do it well – we’ve got great drivers, good systems and we care about what we’re doing.’


Given Enrik Limousines have won either first or second ABIA awards for the past seven years running, it’s pretty clear why it is widely considered one of the best wedding car hire companies in Melbourne and is on the referral lists of most of Melbourne’s top reception venues. And brides and grooms will be thrilled to hear Enrik has yet more developments in store. Stay tuned for a big announcement in a couple of months’ time – Enrik Limousines is going to be launching a special deal that no other Melbourne limousine hire company are offering. Exciting times ahead!