Here are a few testimonials from our Melbourne Wedding Group:

“The set up at the brighton savoy was amazing! we are having our wedding there next year and it gave us so many ideas. And your right. its the friendliest suppliers i have ever meet at an expo. It really shows that you all work together and that gives me so much confidence that our wedding day is going to be amazing.”

“Thank you Brighton Savoy! see you next year!”

“You guys are like a one stop shop and you all know each other. Its give me so much more confidence that everything is going to go to plan.”

“Loved meeting all of the wedding suppliers face to face. so much easier than on the phone and emails.”

“I can’t believe you gave away so many prize’s! I’ll be coming next time with my other friends who are getting married next year” Rachael.

“It was so nice to come to an expo that is exciting and personal all at the same time. Even my partner liked it. Thanks for the champagne!”

“yeah I won the photography package! Look forward to mark shooting our wedding in Nov 2012”

“Thanks so much to the bayside wedding group. We are from the north of the city and we’re getting married in bayside area. We came to the expo at the Royal Brighton Yacht club as we wanted to find people in the local area that we could work with and trust. You just made it so easy for us to meet people. I look forward to our wedding day coming up in summer” Thanks Emily.

“Thank-you for your email, Annie & I had alot of fun at the expo as we both have never been to one before.”
Kind Regards, Cleo

“It was a great expo .. we enjoyed ourselves, the theme looked brilliant!! Fabulous work”